There are two hints...

They don't give you the solution, but they'll make the 4x4x4 cube puzzle easier to solve.

- So you still retain bragging rights when you solve it!

Please contact us if you wish to purchase them.

Hint 1... $2

Hint 2... $3

Both hints... $5

Payment in Canadian dollars
plus applicable taxes
to Dee's Invention Corporation

Made in Canada
Patents: US8632072; JP5969177; CA2745517   Copyright 2010-18

Dee's Invention Corporation, Richmond, BC
Dee Cube Puzzle Ltd, UK
Maker of 4x4x4 wooden cube puzzles. The 4x4x4 cube is made in standard and mini sizes, from natural-finish wood.
Both sizes of cube include all the pieces of the Soma Cube.