The New Wooden Cube Puzzle - A 4x4x4 Brainteaser

Fifteen different pieces fit
together to make a 4x4x4 cube.

Challenging but not impossible.
You're not going to give up because
success is always around the corner.

There's more to it than that - once you've
made the cube, there are more shapes to
make, like towers, animals, walls and letters...
The fun goes on...

Ages 10 - 110

A substantial puzzle made
from solid wood.

Now makes 120 known shapes.

Comes in two sizes - Standard and
Mini. Both have the same fifteen
pieces. The Standard makes a 4" cube
and the Mini makes a 3" cube.

Buy Now - Standard or Mini Size

Mini Dee Cube
The Mini Dee Cube includes the same
pieces as the standard cube, except that
they are smaller and make a 3" cube,
weighing about 300g. The Mini Dee Cube is
not suitable for children under 3.

Standard Dee Cube with Bag
The Standard Dee Cube is packed as an
8" x 4" x 2" block, weighing about 700g.
It makes a 4" cube when assembled.
Includes a muslin bag for the pieces.



There are 1000's of shapes
that can be made with the
puzzle pieces...
Waiting for you to discover them...

Boxed Set
The Dee Cube comes in a 9" x 5" x 2" box
also containing a bag and puzzle card.
The card shows 120 puzzles that can be
made. The 4x4x4 cube it makes is a 3" cube.

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Made in Canada
Patents: US8632072; JP5969177; CA2745517   Copyright 2010-18

Dee's Invention Corporation, Richmond, BC
Dee Cube Puzzle Ltd, UK
Maker of 4x4x4 wooden cube puzzles. The 4x4x4 cube is made in standard and mini sizes, from natural-finish wood.